Registered Care Homes

Our residential services specialises in providing residential care for up to 3 residents in each registered care home setting.

We are keen to work closely with clients whom are on the autistic spectrum; as such we are registered members of the National Autistic Society (NAS).  We are currently engaged with a service wide accreditation program.

We take pride in the family atmosphere that we have created within our homes.  This is helped by our highly motivated, passionate and dedicated staff team.

Residents are encouraged to develop their independent living skills to the best of their ability.

Community access using public and private transport is an essential part of daily living and will, therefore, be promoted on a daily basis.

We actively support our residents to utilise local retail outlets to participate in the selection and
purchasing of all desired groceries / goods. This affords essential daily living and participation skills.

Ty - Nant Registered Home

Established 2009, Ty-Nant is an exceptionally spacious home, which offers accommodation for clients with a Learning Disability.

Kellis Care Home

Kelis bungalow, established 1998 is nestled in the village of Cascade.  An established flagship of our residential services which is enjoyed by three clients.