A Residents Perspective

David has been living with us for the last five years, here’s what he has to say.

“When I moved to Kellis Bungalow in 2003 and learned to cook and i had my own bedroom”...

“My dream is about moving into my own flat and to go to work”.

Having successfully enjoyed his growth with us, David is set to move into one of the company supported Living projects, which provides a tenancy agreement in an independent flat. 

We aim to promote and develop services akin to our residents needs.  The more flexible our service becomes this aims to ensure individual aspirations and dreams are fostered and supported by our support.   

Domicillary Care Services

22nd December 2000

Dear Partnership of Care,

I should like to thank all the ladies who cared for my husband over the last fifteen months.  They certainly helped to improve the quality of his life.

The carers are too numerous to name individually but especial thanks to Ellen and Julie.  Wishing you all the Compliments of the Season,